Christian Dating, Heartbreak & Sexual Trauma With Kait Warman

Kait Warman - The Hope Collective Podcast

Interviewing Kait Warman was a dream! She is a bundle of joy and my cheeks hurt from smiling after this interview! Listen as we gush on all things Disney, sparkly and French for a hot second, and then move onto the nitty gritty. This is one of the most honest, beautiful conversations I’ve had on the honor of hosting. Kait is the hostess of Heart of Dating Podcast, a podcast all about Christian dating. It is AMAZING and you’ll for sure want to check it out after you listen to this episode!

Kait and I have both experienced some really tough heartbreaks, and we have a feeling that many of you have, too. This podcast is for you, my love, the girl who has had her heart shattered by a gut wrenching breakup. This is also for you, the girl who has experienced extreme sexual trauma.

I could go on and on about how great this podcast is, the tips that Kait gives us on Christian dating and navigating the ups and downs of heartbreak are priceless. Don’t miss this one!


Kait Warman is a lifestyle, wellness, style, and faith filled blogger! You can find her at and Over the course of the last few years, Kait has developed a particular passion on the topic of dating in the Christian world. She was invited to speak on this topic including at her church conference, Vintage Church LA, and has written multiple blog posts regarding her personal experiences in dating, love, heartbreak and relationships. It has become evident that God clearly put this topic on her heart which has led her to launching her podcast, The Heart of Dating!


Instagram: @kaitness

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