Overcoming Self-Comparison & Living Salted

Dana Marie Arnold - The Hope Collective Podcast

This week’s episode is a special treat! I had the privilege of being interviewed for Live Salted, a college women’s ministry based out of the Pacific Northwest. After the interview, I asked Krista if I could feature her interview on The Hope Collective Podcast, and she graciously allowed me to!

In the interview, I go a little deeper into my testimony and give some insight into self-comparsion, and of course, we talk about living salted, aka, what it’s like to go from living for yourself to living for the Lord. I absolutely love this conversation. At the end, I give a couple of tips for finding a godly husband, so stick around ;)

I recorded the introduction to this podcast while I was in the hospital this past week because of a flare up of my Crohn’s Disease. Truly, we can find hope in the least expected places, and I hope this inspires you to find hope in the least expected places of your life. You are so loved, friend!





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