4 Core Pillars to a Healthy Lifestyle and Dreaming Big With Jessie B Christensen

Jessie B Christensen - The Hope Collective Podcast

In this week’s episode, I interview my friend Jessie B. Christensen. Jessie is a healthy lifestyle coach for women who combines her passion for Jesus with her love for helping women to feel confident. I love that she sees fitness and health as a way to glorify God through our lives. We need energy to do the things that we’ve been called to do, so taking care of the bodies we’ve been given is so important! Jessie gives her 4 core pillars for establishing a healthy lifestyle, you’ll love her simple, actionable advice for getting healthy - today!

I have loved getting to know Jessie over the past year that we’ve been friends. Not only because she has great health and fitness advice, but also because she is a fellow dreamer and doer. In this episode, you’ll hear Jessie’s advice on dreaming big with God.


Jessie is a healthy lifestyle coach for women. She helps women ditch diets, guilt, and confusion and replace them with biblical truth and lifestyle habits to live healthy, happy, and holy. For over five years, she has helped women all over the country reach their goals in a healthy and holy way, while establishing one-on-one relationships with them, and maintaining constant accessibility to make sure they feel 100% support, encouraged and motivated to reach them. Jessie believes we all have a BIG and unique purpose in this world and God needs us to be physically, spiritually and emotionally ready to fulfill and advance it. Being a healthy YOU is the best gift you can give the world!

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