How to take your faith from your head to your heart with Pastor Freddy Villarreal


Today we are sitting down with our first ever GUY guest - my very own pastor, Pastor Freddy Villarreal!

Freddy and his beautiful wife Jen live in Yorktown, VA with four out of five of their kids, their oldest son and daughter in law live in Richmond, VA. In October of 2004, Freddy had the privilege of joining alongside 26 other people to start Freedom Life Church and have been there ever since. His energy is primarily spent focusing on the vision of his church, coordinating their preaching team and supporting Kingdom initiatives.

In addition to serving at FLC, he also has the honor of serving as the Associate Senior Pastor at his mentor pastor’s church, The Chapel (WHERE I GO!!) which is a multi-campus church located in the northern suburbs of Chicago. When Freddy isn’t in the church or at the office, you’ll probably find him hanging out with his family, at the gym, watching TV or playing some kind of sport. He loves playing watching and talking about football and is a huge Houston Texan fan!

Freddy has had such a profound impact on both mine and my husband’s faith, and I can’t wait to share him with you today. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

🎙️Show Notes

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