How to find your everyday purpose and live it out with Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee Dooley - The Hope Collective Podcast

Today on the show, my sweet friend Jordan Lee Dooley is bringing down the house! I’ll never forget when I first found Jordan on Instagram. Her wild vulnerability and friendly vibe drew me in immediately. I love her heart for women, for sharing her faith, and living with purpose every single day.

Jordan is a creative entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, speaker, author, coach and friend that is here to help you become the person you were always made to be.

In this episode, Jordan gives us a peek behind the scenes of her new book, Own Your Everyday. She lets us in on her personal action steps of making (big + small) decisions, I love the practical tools she gives us in this conversation.

I truly believe that we need to know who we are in Christ before we can live a life filled with purpose - not for our glory, but for His. In our convo, Jordan said, “you literally cannot do what you were made to do unless you know who you are,” and I couldn’t agree more.

Friend, if you’ve ever struggled with the pressure to produce or decision overwhelm, today’s episode is for you! Tune in, smile + laugh with us as we chat about all things purpose. When you’re done, make sure to find my girl Jordan on all of the social media platforms - I’ve got a great compilation of show notes below for you to see everything we talked about in this episode plus all of her links.



🎙️Show Notes:

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