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redefined by love

Do you fully grasp and understand the POWER of your identity in Christ? If you’re struggling with consistent drama, deep rooted insecurities, guilt, shame and condemnation … I have good news for you: your identity can be restored, renewed and activated. Not by your own strength, but by His.

What would it look like to live a life defined by love? A life that reflects and glorifies the Life living within you? As a follower of Jesus Christ, we are made for so much more than we can begin to imagine.

Together, we will focus on these basic foundations: your identity in the Father, your purpose as a follower of Christ, and your ultimate destiny to love Him and reflect His image to the world.

We will cultivate a life of worship, a hunger for the Word, a foundation of the secret place and a life lived for the glory of Christ.

If you’re ready to risk getting out of the boat to walk on water with your Savior, this is for you.


coming summer 2019